New Jazz Fusion track by Hugh Hitchcock “Weathered the Storm”

I’m quite psyched about this new Jazz Fusion track I just produced – psyched enough to let you hear the whole thing in its entirety – no strings attached. It’s called “Weather the Storm” and features myself on orchestration and Joe Collado on Latin percussion.

My style of music centers around a couple of main components – I certanly love a nice groove, but also I’m fascinated to explore strange and compelling, even disturbing tonalities. I ascribe my taste for this to artists like John McLaughlin of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, of which I was a huge fan. And perhaps Igor Stravinsky, whose music I grew up listening to, and who I even had the chance to catch “live” in performance conducting his own works once when I was a child.  I definitely have a love of the “Neo-classical” aspect of layering different, and not necessarily conventionally-related chord structures one atop the other for a startling effect. At least that’s how I hear it – I hope you do too 🙂

Here is the track just produced, in a Youtube video with some nice visualizations that go along with the music:


I hope you enjoyed that. It is always quite satisfying to produce new jazz fusion.

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new jazz fusion music by Hugh Hitchcock


If you’re interested to know how this track came about, one afternoon in the spring of 2017 I felt like expressing myself in a spaced out funk groove. So I laid down an Ostinato bass part and imagined a few mind-bending, yet logical padded chord sequences to jam over. Then I actually videod myself playing on top of it lol…


I probably shouldn’t have even put this out there are so many flubs and far from the final product. but sometimes this is how I roll when I create new jazz fusion music.


I’m coming down to completion on my new album Funkatology and I decided to do some kind of a treatment on this song. So up until last week, I had been working on it as a regular funk tune. But then it just struck me that it would work so much better as a more of an impressionist modern jazz type of arrangement — and from then on it sort of just wrote itself. I couldn’t be happier with the way it came out (the track above with the visualizations, not the one of me jamming on keys lol that sucks 🙂 )

Producing music like this gives me a chance to release some of my inner emotions through sound.

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The titling I finally gave this track is my tip of the hat to groups like Weather Report and musicians like Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter who pioneered this kind of feeling in jazz, which I love. It’s where I live, really. Besides the funk 🙂

I hope you enjoy it too! Let me know what you think. And do sign up for my free music downloads if you’re not already registered.

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August 19, 2018

Funkmeister H
Hugh J. Hitchcock is the CEO and Executive Producer for Funkatology Records LLC as well as being an artist, published composer and performer.