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Here’s a live recording of a concert by Latin Jazz Funk band Picante. Picante specialized in songs that featured funky latin grooves by anyone from Cal Tjader to Carlos Santana. They even did their own version of a Motown song or two, and an original self-titled song, Picante! The group featured Ann Arbor notables Dave Koether (Mixed Bag) on drums and percussion, Hugh Hitchcock on electric bass guitar, Reggie Smythe and conga and latin percussion, Robbie Rosenstock on electric fender rhodes piano and Dave Mann on tenor saxophone. Notably, Dave went on to work with Tower of Power as the lead saxophonist.

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Picante Live!

What is Latin Jazz Funk?

According to Wikipedia – “Latin jazz is a genre of jazz with Latin American rhythms. Although musicians continually expand its parameters, the term Latin jazz is generally understood to have a more specific meaning than simply “jazz from Latin America”. … Afro-Brazilian jazz – includes bossa nova and jazz samba.”

Latin jazz is music that utilizes the format, structure and tonality of traditional jazz and combines it with Latin rhythms. This almost always involves the addition of Latin percussion, such as the conga and the timbales and many other instruments.

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Latin Jazz Funk is the extension of Latin Jazz, as described above, plus the addition of american funk music idioms that might be found in Motown or RnB such as a funky bassline or drum hit. Latin rhythms and Funk rhythms, married together — in this writer’s opinion, constitute a marriage made in heaven 🙂

Latin Jazz Funk Live Set by Picante

Set 1
Liberated Brother
I’m Not So Sure
Samba d’Orfeo
The Golden Hours

Set 2
American Gypsy
Armando’s Rhumba
Tears of a Clown
Latin America


Reggie Smythe, congas
Dave Koether, drums
Bringuito, timbales
David Mann, saxohone and flute
Robbie Rosenstock, fender rhodes piano
Hugh J. Hitchcock, bass

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Latin Jazz Funk percussionist Joe Collado

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