Jazz Artists of the ’60s: A Movement in Progress

Progressive jazz artists of the 1960s Progressive jazz artists of the 1960s were constantly pushing the boundaries of what jazz could be. They experimented with new sounds and techniques, and incorporated elements from other genres of music into their work. Some of the most influential progressive jazz artists of the 1960s include Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Ornette Coleman. These artists helped to […]

Funkatology Records Releases New Album “Funkatology” Nov. 15th

Exciting news! On November 15th our new album “Funkatology” by Hugh Hitchcock goes live on all streaming and download platforms and CDs will be available through this link. Hugh Hitchcock happens to be the owner here at Funkatology Records LLC and this release will be his long-awaited second album on Funkatology Records. “Funkatology” features a new rendition of Hugh’s classic track “Captain Jarvis” […]

Funk Fusion, Rock Jazz, Electro Funk

Here at Funkatology Records LLC we are all about funk fusion, rock jazz, fusion jazz artists, and instrumental fusion. We love to listen to fusion jazz songs,electro funk, and electro funk artists. We deal exclusively in electrofunk, funky electronic music, electronic funk, jazz funk songs, and funky jazz. If you are interested in the best jazz funk, jazz funk artists, jazz funk bands, […]

New Jazz Fusion track by Hugh Hitchcock “Weathered the Storm”

I’m quite psyched about this new Jazz Fusion track I just produced – psyched enough to let you hear the whole thing in its entirety – no strings attached. It’s called “Weather the Storm” and features myself on orchestration and Joe Collado on Latin percussion. My style of music centers around a couple of main components – I certanly love a nice groove, […]