Top Jazz Artist for Week 34, 2018 Number One Music

We Are #1 In the Charts for Smooth Jazz!

I’m proud to announce that we are the top Jazz artist for week number 34, 2018 on the Number One Music website.

Funkatology Records is Top Jazz Artist on Number One Music website

They have a lot of artists on that site so I’m proud to have made it to the top 🙂 You can enjoy either one of those tunes on our profile at Number One Music or check out Weathered the Storm on this page or get a free download of Jarvis Prevails here.

Number One Music is a great website to hear indie music and other sounds that you might not hear on the radio or elsewhere. We also feature the Jesse Jones Jr. Scat Hop music on Number One and we did quite well.

We just had another mind blowing improvisational jazz session here at Funkatology Studios today so I’ll have some more cool music to share with you soon.


By Funkmeister H

Hugh J. Hitchcock is the CEO and Executive Producer for Funkatology Records LLC as well as being an artist, published composer and performer.