Live Jazz Fusion – Red and Orange Cover [135th Street Convention]

Here at Funkatology we’ve been working on a lot of new music projects and one of the most exciting is our new band which we’re calling 135th Street Convention – all of us are from North Miami area and 135th Street is a well known landmark. Featuring Jermaine Green on drums, his brother Jonnathan Green on bass and myself Hugh Hitchcock on keyboards

Our plan is to bring the public along with us as we explore new (and some old) musical territory, including live streams which we plan to do regularly starting in the near future. Watch this space for info so you can tune in with us each week.

This track is actually our first time trying this incredible tune by Jan Hammer – the best is yet to come as we learn how to tweak our technology to get better sound and better video (as well as tightening up the music as we go along)

This is just the beginning for 135th Street Convention — Stay tuned!

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Funkmeister H

Hugh J. Hitchcock is the CEO and Executive Producer for Funkatology Records LLC as well as being an artist, published composer and performer.