In my music biz career I have come into contact with a lot of interesting musicians, one of them being local Latin Percussionist and producer Joe Collado. This interview is quite fascinating so be sure to check it out.

Artist Interview: “Ritmo Joe” Collado Posted in The Funkatologist

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“Hey there, just a quick update to let you know that we’ve got another awesome, brand new interview just posted in The Funkatologist section – my long time friend and musical associate, Joe Collado agreed to sit down with us for a detailed interview about his new record, “Ritmo Joe” which just released to critical acclaim. You can enjoy this interview by listening to the podcast, reading the article, or both! However you choose, if you’re interested in Soul, Funk, and Latin Jazz, you will enjoy this article.     The post New Interview: “Ritmo Joe” Collado Posted in The Funkatologist appeared first on The Official Website of Hugh J. Hitchcock | Music Producer, Software Engineer Miami FL. ”

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