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Hugh Hitchcock IS the Funkatologist. Join Hugh and his musical associates - download their latest track "Jarvis Prevails" now and get groovin'! 

Hugh Hitchcock - aka Hugh J. Hitchcock, Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock, Huey Hitchcock, Captain Jarvis, and Funkmeister H. among others - is an acclaimed producer, composer and performer. His new album is entitled "Funkatology" and will be releasing soon, but you don't have to wait to hear some amazing funk jazz featuring Hugh and his Miami music "royalty" friends -- download a high quality mp3 of the smash tune Jarvis Prevails now as Hugh's gift to you! 

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Jarvis Prevails is the hit follow-up to Hugh's award-winning song Captain Jarvis (which was released on United Artists label by Motown producer Paul Riser and the wonderful Noel Pointer). This latest track, Jarvis Prevails -- which you can hear instantly, just by opting in -- showcases Hugh's musical vision, which includes elements of Soul & Funk, Smooth Jazz, high energy Latin rhythms and more. 

  • Electric piano jazz funk
  • Slap bass funk jazz
  • Latin Jazz and Percussion
  • high energy synthesizer fusion
  • Cool Funk Jazz Quiet Storm
  • Fusion Jazz Funk

If you're a fan of any of the above-mentioned genres, you will seriously enjoy what Hugh's music has to offer. Get started today by clicking the button to let us know where to send the free music!

Joe Collado - Latin Percussion
Jermaine Green
Ike Woods

The Personnel on "Jarvis Prevails"  

 Joe Collado - Latin Percussion Award Winning Percussionist Joe Collado grew up in NYC and personally witnessed and idolized the Fania Salsa era musical groups and Superstar pioneers in Latin Rock such as Santana, Malo, Chicago, BeeGees, Micheal Jackson, Motown and others in NYC venues. His amazing percussion style makes that evident!  

Jermaine Green - Drums Jermaine Green is a producer, songwriter and artist manager as well as being an amazing drummer. His first CD, Go Tell It, was very well received. As well as being an ordained minister and musical director for many faith-based organizations, he owns and operate Maine’s Gear studios with partner Manny.  

Ike Woods - Guitar The “Legendary Mojo” Ike Woods is a sought-after blues man who regularly tours Florida with his lovely wife Val in the Ike & Val Woods Review. Ike began his musical journey at the tender age of six years when he took his first guitar lesson from his dad. He was quickly recognized as a child prodigy who went on to excel as a musician during his school years. At the age of seventeen Ike auditioned for Jazz greats Nat Adderly and Curtis Fuller. and that was just the beginning…  

Hugh Hitchcock a.k.a. Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock After undergoing some musical evolution I have come to think of myself as a composer producer performer specializing in electric jazz funk. I am the architect of complex and colorful musical constructs that might make you tap your feet. I am very deeply involved with Jazz Funk from the days when it was transcendental and not simply technical. I hope my music makes you feel the same way!  

My roles in this project are as follows: technical: composer, producer, engineer, arranger performer: Electric piano, bass guitar, synthesizers

If you like any of the following artists then you will love the music of Hugh Hitchcock & Funkatology:

  • Herbie Hancock Headhunters Mwandishi Sextant Crossings
  • Jan Hammer Miami Vice Mahavishnu
  • George Duke Frank Zappa
  • George Benson Ronnie Laws 
  • Weather Report Joe Zawinul
  • Chick Corea Return to Forever Stanley Clarke

"a musical experience not to be missed"

Hugh elevates his already thoughtful arrangement through his emotive keyboard and bass playing and his experienced production techniques - all of which result in a "great, funky, uplifting and mind-expanding sound to transport you to another funky universe!" Lending further dimension to the music come Miami music royalty Joe Collado on percussion and Ike Woods on guitar - listen and prepare to be blown away!

What are people saying about Hugh Hitchcock's music?

Here are some reviews from my previous album Funkmeister with Jesse Jones Jr. and Elisa Sintjago. These are real friends and fans describing their impressions of the release:



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