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"Hugh Hitchcock's keys are agile and direct, making for an intense and direct feel." - Jazz Corner.com

Hi, my name is Hugh Hitchcock, also known as Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock and Huey Hitchcock as well as The Doctor, Funkmeister H. and the Professor 🙂 lol I guess I have a lot of nicknames. But...

I'd like you to know me as Hugh Hitchcock: artist, composer and producer. To help you get to know me better, I'm giving you, no strings attached: that's right, no opt-ins, no email given, no social lock-gates: three mp3s from my latest album release as YOUR GIFT -- YOURS to download, enjoy and share as you see fit* (you don't even have to give me your email address.)

Here's What People are Saying about Hugh Hitchcock's Music:

"Pure, unadulterated fun with a fantastic twist and a groundbreaking feel..."

"a larger-than-life performance wiz who puts so much focus and energy into his playing..."

"Classy, yet powerful, combining the best elements of different musical languages in order to create something that's absolutely one-of-a-kind!" - Jazz Corner.com

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Entering Hueytown City Limits Hugh Hitchcock Electric Jazz Funk

What I'm All About

I thought to myself, what better way to let you know what I'm all about is just to show you - tap this video to get a taste of Hugh Hitchcock Jazz Funk. I recorded all the parts live with a camera running just to let you know - I may be old school but I ain't dead- got a party going on in my head! At all times - and you're invited!


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About the MUSIC (and the musicians...)

Rare photo of Hugh with the Martian Entropy Band on a video shoot

Hugh Hitchcock, AKA Hugh Jarvis HItchcock, AKA Huey Hitchcock, AKA Captain Jarvis

Hugh has been involved with music since a very young age with a few milestones (and a few bumps!) along the way.

Hugh gigged in and around the Detroit area during the 1970s-1980s with such acts as Norma Jean Bell, Marcus Belgrave, Lamont Johnson, Belita Woods

Hugh played the Detroit area with his own band Tymepiece featuring Ron Scott and the Lynch Brothers... was "discovered" by producers Duane Freeman and Paul Riser

Hugh's Composition "Captain Jarvis"

Hugh's song "Captain Jarvis" reached #7 on the Billboard Jazz charts on artist Noel Pointer on United Artists records and launched his career as a sought-after bass player

Hugh took time off after constantly performing during the 80s-90s to pursue education in computer engineering and audio engineering.

Today he runs his own production studios including Groove-Phonic Mastering and Mixing and Funkatology Records LLC

Hugh's Album "Funkmeister"

In 2010 Hugh released his first solo album entitled "Funkmeister". The song "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice" received a Top 100 International Airplay award from Association of Independent Recording Artists.

Funkmeister was more of a pop effort which focused more on Hugh's production and writing skills rather than jazz expression.

The album features the vocal styles of Dutch performer Elisa Sintjago and contributions by Miami saxophone legend Jesse Jones Jr. along with Dennis Sierra on guitar and Derek Mason on guitar.

Hugh's First Album Funkmeister CD Cover

Hugh releases his long awaited second solo album entitled "Funkatology" November 2019.

Funkatology features Hugh's own rendition of his classic "Captain Jarvis" which reached #7 in the Billboard Jazz charts.


On the record...


Joe Collado - Latin Percussion

Joe Collado is a virtuoso conguero and timbalist who frequently toured internationally with big salsa acts. I'm blessed to be able to say Joe has been a fixture in my music since the 1990s. He's a celebrated composer in his own write as well as having been named Percussionist of the Year here in Miami - and that is no small honor!

Joe is an expert in traditional Caribbean style rhythms and you'll hear his conga, timbales and other Latin percussion instruments throughout my material.

Learn more about Joe from his website at joecollado.com

"Mojo" Ike Woods - Guitar

The “Legendary Mojo” Ike Woods is a sought-after blues man who regularly tours Florida with his talented wife Val in the Ike & Val RnB Review. I'm blessed to have worked with them for several years here in Miami including my credit as keyboardist on the album pictured.

From their bio: "Ike began his musical journey at the tender age of six years when he took his first guitar lesson from his dad. He was quickly recognized as a child prodigy who went on to excel as a musician during his school years. At the age of seventeen Ike auditioned for Jazz greats Nat Adderly and Curtis Fuller."

read more at ikeandval.com

Jesse Jones Jr. - Saxophones, Flute and Vocals

I've been blessed to work with many great artists over the years and one of the greatest is the legendary Jesse Jones Jr.

"Funk Mambo Remix" is a piece on which Jesse and I collaborated - in fact we produced an album on a new sound we called "Scat Hop" 🙂 which, really, is Jesse's style and invention in terms of his unique approach to recording vocal improvisations along with his fiery brand of saxophone playing. Learn more about Jesse Jones Jr. at jessejonesjr.com